Physical therapists are professionals that are trained in rehabilitating the body and helping individuals get back on their feet. Physical therapy comes in various forms and is meant for people of different ages and activity levels. There are different classifications that physical therapy can fall under, so let’s dive into three common forms of physical therapy that can get individuals back to their former physical prowess.


Children grow quickly, which can often lead to pains as their bodies continually adjust to the changes they are going through. Kids can sometimes need a bit of help getting their muscles to their optimal strength, as growth can be so fast that the muscles in the body are not able to keep up.

Specific methods are used when working with children and can help reduce the chance of getting injured throughout their childhood.


Physical therapy can also be provided to older adults who may not be able to move as well as they used to due to the muscles not working as well. Physical therapists austin patients work with, ensure that they reduce their likelihood to get injured.

Patients will be able to strengthen weakened muscles, adjust their posture, and improve their bodies in several other ways.


Your feet are put through a lot as they support the entire weight of your body each day. Injuries that occur in the feet can be highly detrimental and cause damage to muscles on a long term basis. Even after the injury as healed, damage can still occur due to muscle atrophy.

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Physical therapists work the foot muscles and help patients regain the strength they used to have in their orthopedic muscles.

Physical therapists work on many different patients can aid in increasing strength in patients of various ages. Injuries, accidents, and weak muscles can all be addressed with the proper physical therapy expert.