The job of a janitor is an easy one for the most part.  Overall the tasks that you will need to do are going to be the same, the main differences will be the specific requirements of the company you work for.  For many looking to get into this profession, seeking a job with Janitorial services in Orlando, FL can lead you down the road to amazing opportunities.

Know your basic skills

For most people their belief is that all you need to do is push a broom and pick up trash and you can be a janitor.  Although this is a small part of the operation, there are a lot of different things that you need to know.  For example, you may need to know how to mop a floor so that it doesn’t have streaks. 

Streaks can be created by having too much soap in your water, not ringing out your mop enough and using dirty equipment.  For some, this might sound like common sense, but in reality most people don’t put much stock in these types of jobs so they don’t really care.

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Look professional

It is also important that you look professional.  This can be a hard thing to overcome when you think about it.  As a janitor you will be cleaning up dirt all day long.  When you clean up dirt all day, you are bound to get dirty.  This is why you need to look professional.  You need your clothes to be neat, you don’t want major stains and you want to smell good.  In the past, I have personally worked with janitors that were sent home because they refused to bathe.

You represent the company

Know that everything that you do is a reflection on the company you work for.  If a client or a customer looks at you and sees you unkempt, doing a bad job or not fulfilling their expectations, they will take it as a reflection to those higher up in the company as how they act as well.