Single Tooth Implant Has Advantages

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There are quite a few so please bear with the writer. Because in this short space of time surely only a few individual tooth implants harrisonburg advantages could be mentioned. As they like to say; it’s better than nothing at all. Anyway, just a single tooth implant can already begin to look and feel like a real tooth. This is something good for raising the confidence levels of the patient, not so much that she is conscious of improved looks.

Individual tooth implants also help to improve the ability to eat and speak. All it takes is just a single titanium post in the jaw to hold an implant in place. This also means that a tooth implant won’t be coming loose like a conventional denture would. This also means that general oral health is improved because no single implant needs to be anchored to other teeth in the way that bridges would for instance.

And it all hinges on where missing or badly damaged teeth were or are located. Nevertheless, success rates on the average are already ninety-five percent. This too comes straight from the horse’s mouth, none other than the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons. Unfortunately, not everyone is going to benefit. This, however, is not a reflection on the implant. So it goes that some people smoke too much or suffer from diabetes.

Once the implants are in, the onus remains with the patient to continue practicing good oral health habits in the interest of securing the implants for longer. Also note that the patient will still be required to adhere to regular dental check-ups at least twice a year. Finally, individual tooth implants can still be affordable. Lacking a comprehensive medical insurance plan, patients can still buy in to affordable payment plans.